My name is Pam Schwartz and I've never been able to sit still. When I was raising my three children it came in handy as we went EVERYWHERE you can think of in Northern California, all the time.  We never sat still.


My kids are gone, pretty much, and eleven years ago I became a grandma. I moved to LA to be close to my grandson, Jack and once again, my ADD kicked in and I started taking him all the places I used to take his mom, only in here in LA.  


I'm not your typical "Grandma" who sits at home, knitting.  I take him to Rolling Stones concerts, XXXXXXXXX and I've recently been asked "Where do you think I should take my kids? " by other parents. 

This blog is dedicated to all of you parents out there who have no idea how you're going to make it through another weekend.  All you have to do is come here - and I'll help.