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Ninjas in Burbank?!

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

Museum of Martial Arts

Ninjas! Samurais, Kung Fu! Anime!

Bruce Lee! Karate Kid! Chuck Norris! Jackie Chan! ELVIS!!!

Mortal Combat Shield! Swords! Knuckle Dusters! Nunchucks! Throwing Stars!

Always on the hunt for unique outings, Jack and I hit upon this gem. Artists from the Walt Disney Company, Dreamworks and the Simpsons brought this Martial Arts Museum to life. Dragons on the walls, weapons used by different disciplines, authentic costumes and movies telling the story of Marshall Arts from around the world make this museum a must visit spot for anyone interested in this art form.

Filling out the Scavenger Hunt to win a Museum sticker was Jack’s favorite part. Mine was watching the movie celebrating Martial Arts performers and talking with museum founder Michael Matsuda.


DragonFest – Upcoming Event

DRAGONFEST!!! The World’s Greatest Martial Arts Expo If you love martial arts, if you love Asian cultural things, if you love fun toys, deadly weapons, sneaky ninja, ferocious samurai, big sumo, Hawaiian hula girls, kung fu masters, then you will love Dragonfest. The biggest stars are here, the coolest items are here and the best performances are here. It’s a 2-Day event, August 25 and 26, 2018. Visit Dragonfest.com

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